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Counter was reset 10-9-2011

Table of SAILSetc Model Boat Laser Cut Frames 1-24-2011

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SAILSetc Boat Designs Available For Laser Cut Frame Kits
Contact Milton Thrasher for more details -
Design NameBoat NameLOADisplacementPublished byDesignerComments
RG65 Rogue 8 lbSAILSetc Graham Bantock
IOM Vector One Meter 10 lb SAILSetc Graham Bantock Very competitiive>
IOM Zig Zag SAILSetc MarbleheadSAILSetc
Ten Rater IONA Free plan via AMYA
A Class Gunboat SAILSetc
Model Boat Laser Cut Frames Listing 1-23-2012
Check Back Frequently for New Boats

I provide frames in any reasonable size!

Boat Model NameTypeSource Current Sizes DesignerComments
Lionheart J-Boat Bastiani104, 60, 48Hoek Design Deck, deckhouses requested.
Svea J-BoatBastiani104, 60, 48 Hoek Design Deck, deckhouses requested.
Ranger J-BoatThe Book104, 60, 48Burgess/Stephens Deck, deckhouses requested.
Endeavour I J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles Nicholson The Book lines will replace current layouts
Columbia Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60N. G. Herreshoff Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his other AC Cup Boat models.
Reliance Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60, 48N. G. Herreshoff Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his Shamrock III.
Shamrock III Americas Cup Boat The Book104, 60, 48 William Fife III, Jr. Frames cut from lines in The Book for Dean Derusha to race against his Reliance.
Endeavour II J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles NicholsonI will use the Book's lines
Oheka II High Speed Yacht Found on-line60, 48 Lurssen Shipyard Deck, deckhouses plans by Paco Labrador are ready for laser cutting.
Number Boat 22 Power boatEmmett Smith60, 48, 28 Charles W. MowerMiller is building a 58" electric #22
Pearson Ariel 25' 7" One-Design Class Pearson Yachts60, 48 and One MtrCarl Alberg Deck, deckhouse parts requested.
Bluenose SchoonerFishing Schooner Found on-line 60, 48 and One Mtr William Roué, built by
Smith and Rhuland, Nova Scotia
See the YouTube video of Bluenose vs. Gertrude M. Thebauld
SS Central America 50 Paddle Wheeled Steamer Webb Ship Building104, 60, 48Gilmore Deck, deckhouses requested.
Chamois 45 One-Design Class See web page45See web pages Awaiting model builders' photo
Dragon One-Design ClassFrom magazine48, 36 See International Dragon Class web pages Awaiting pending orders for deepened keel by 3" and 2.5" respectively
Endeavour 48 J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Nicholson Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Endeavour 60" J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles Nicholson Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Endeavour J-Class J-Boat The Book104, 60, 48Charles Nicholson Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Etchells 22" One-Design Class Int'l Class Hdqtrs48Skip Etchells Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Felca 66" Vintage Classic Sloop Found on-line104, 60, 48Herman Goetz Awaiting photos from builder for this web page
Finisterre 57"" Center board Yawl Sparkman & Stephens104, 57 S & S Awaiting model builder's photos
Crandall Flyer Hydroplane Found On-Line60, 48Bruce Crandall Awaiting model builders' photos
Gloriana 48"" Vintage Classic Sloop N. G. Herreshoff60, 48N G Herreshoff Awaiting Patrick Foley's prototype video
Gloriana 9' Vintage Classic Sloop N G Herreshoff104, 60, 48N G Herreshoff Andrew Charters' sail control diagrams in AMYA Qrtly Newsletters
Evelina M. Goulart Fishing Schooner Essex Ship Museum31.25See web page Seeking deckhouse and sail plans
Heritage 12 Meter AC The Book 60, 48Charles Morgan Deck, deckhouses requested.
Hirondele 36" Oyster Smack French Museum60, 48See web page Awaiting builders' photos for this web page
Number Boat 22 at 58" Power Boat Charles W Mower 58, 48Found on-line Awaiting model builders' photos
Oheka II"" High Speed Yacht Found on-line104, 60, 48Lurssen Shipyard Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Opalek Footy Footy Class Pawel Dejnak12 Pawel Dejnak Awaiting ordering information
Rainbow J-ClassJ-Boat The “Book”104, 60, 48Burgess/Stephens Use Book's lines
South Bay Shore Bird One-Design Class Edwin J. Schoettle Book60, 48Charles W. Mower Design Awaiting deck, deckhouse plans
Svea J-ClassJ-Boat Bastiani104, 60, 48Hoek Design Awaiting deck and deckhouse plans
Int'l StarOne-Design ClassStar Class YRA Web Site48, One Meter, 36 Francis Sweisguth Starlet 36" made for Irish Youth Programs
Vagabond Vagabond 83"www.PondYachts.Net83, 60, 48Unknown See Jerry Hendrickson's PhotoShows of his build
VanjaA Class1936 Popular Mechanics73, 60, 48George Baron Looking for my 1948 model
International One-Design
( IOD )
One-Design ClassOne-Design Class Web Site60, 48, One Mtr, 36, 24 Bjarne Aas of Oslo, Norway One unfinished 48" fiberglass decked hull is available


Milton Thrasher 4258 Hearthstone Drive, Sarasota, FL34238 941 966-9179

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